The Tansoi Legacy







Written by Rishabh Vashishtha



Foreword :Worker: Sir, we have got all materials needed and they are ready for check-up.”


Paul: Hmmm... Pickles- we don’t need those.”


Worker: But sir...


Paul: You fool, why have you brought so much – this is more than an elephant could eat in a year.


Worker: But that way won’t the crew starve- I mean it is a long journey.


Paul (grabbing shirt collar): I am here to find the diamond, not host a banquet. Now, go pack those barrels of water into the ship and get the gun powder aboard.


Worker: Aye- Aye, Sir.


Paul: All hands on deck!


Worker: Sir, someone’s at the door.


Paul: Open it!


20 seconds later


Worker: Sir- the police!


Officer: Paul and company- freeze! You know this is piracy!


Paul: Now, officer, I know you need to comply with Boston’s rule, but there is no way you can dare to do the same with me.


Officer: Shut up and evacuate the ship- that’s a stolen ship! You all are pirates!


Paul: Don’t make me lose my temper, officer. Or, it won’t be the good for you!


Officer: Evacuate and surrender all your weapons or I’ll have to pull out my gun!


Paul: Then do it- pull it out! I mean – you and what army?


Officer: Your whole hideout is surrounded and we will bomb it if you don’t get out.


Paul: You cunning man! I hate the police- I will get my revenge on you!


Officer: Ta- Ta!


Hideout explodes


120 years later




Museum Guide: Here, we find The Eagle, one of the many ships stolen by Captain Paul Tansoi. Though, before he and his crew could ride- it exploded – no- one actually knows how, though. But, it still does have all the capabilities of still sailing.


Jack (talking into walkie- talkie from roof): This is post A to post B – can you hear me? Over.


Sam: I hear you loud and clear. Over.


Jack: Alright, I see the ship. I think you can tell Captain Tansoi. Over.


Sam: This is post B to Captain Tansoi. Over.


Johnny Tansoi : Okay send Bill down. Over.


Sam : Okay , Bill, this is how it will work. When the crowd goes away, we will give you my IPhone – take the picture of each part separately and we will connect it to the machine. Over.


2 minutes later


Bill: Okay, I took all the pictures, pull me up! Over.


At hideout


Johnny Tansoi : Connect it to the machine.


Machine : Welcome to the directional machine.


Johnny : Gentlemen, this is the machine that will make our ship. It will scan those pictures Bill took , identify that it is from the ship and make it before you could say “pirates”.


Bill :But, sir, why do we need a whole ship ,- we could just use motorboats.


Johnny : I’m gonna do this operation just like my very great grandfather would have with our modern twist.


Bill: But doesn’t the motorboat count as “modern twist”.



Johnny :Who’s the captain here?


Bill : You, sir!



Machine : Verified as The Eagle. Ready to build. Should I begin?


Bill: Begin.


Machine : Building. Done.


Sam: Wow.


Machine :Stand by.


Bill: The ship!


Sam : That is impossible.


Johnny : We sail tomorrow.  I don’t want Troy to get it first.


Bill: Sir- Troy?


Johnny: Yes, Troy. His very great grandfather competed to get the diamond also. He is also in pursuit of it. Our rivalry actually started 2 years ago.. We were just talking about the newest movie.


Sam: Sir, movie?


Johnny : Yes, there was a time I had a normal life. Then , he said:


Troy: You know I’m very happy that even though our families hate each other, we have a strong friendship.


Johnny: I know, but I think I need to tell you something which I should have told you before.


Troy: What?


Johnny :Do you know why our families hate each other?


Troy: Oh yeah, because my family hates your personalities, right?


Johnny: No, actually, your very great grandfather and my very great grandfather were pirates and they hated each other.


Troy :What?


Johnny : Seriously.


Troy :Why didn’t you tell me before?


Johnny: I thought that you were my only friend and you would hate me if I told you.


Troy: I wouldn’t have but I hate you now! I challenge you whoever lives their vey great grandfather’s destiny first wins and gets to kill the other.


Johnny: Kill?


Troy: We are pirates, right? And isn’t that what they do-  – murder!




Johnny: No ,wait, Troy – please understand!



Troy: Get out of here.



Bill: Sir, is that why you are doing this operation?


Johnny: Yes. Okay, chop- chop everyone – get to your bunkers. You need to be fresh for the morning.




Troy :Gentlemen and lady , we will complete this operation on motorboats. One person on each motorboat. No more, no less. We will complete this operation in secret, since you know this is illegal . The diamond is located in an isolated cave near the Cape of Good Hope. Someone search that on Google Maps.


Amy: I got it ,sir. It’s a five day travel sir.



Troy: Remember the goal- kill Tansoi!


Troy’s Crew: Kill Tansoi! Kill Tansoi!